Advantages of Kids Yoga

I can hear you saying, "are you serious, is there such as thing as kids yoga?"

If you believe recent studies or if you have children of your own, childhood stress is at an all time high. Kid's yoga may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

It's not that surprising that our children are stressed out. Several studies have demonstrated a direct link between childhood stress and that of their parents. It's a simple matter of passing it down to and through our children. That is certainly not a trend you want to continue, so we look at kid yoga.

Kids are living in a faster-paced, hyped up, media rich and noisy world. Something I can't get over is the noise level and stimulus overload programmed into today's kid TV, PC and video games. What impact is this having on our children?

Our children have completely different personalities, yet they both benefited greatly from kid yoga. The great part about kids is that they are so open minded about things like yoga and exercise. They find fun in such activities, so it's a great time to start them off right in life - learning how to take time for spiritual and physical relaxation with kids yoga.

Kids yoga will help in a variety of ways including: increasing coordination and balance, lower stress levels, increase agility and flexibility, higher self-awareness and confidence, and an ability to spend time alone - not afraid of their own thoughts or feelings.

If your kids are like ours, they will get curious about your own yoga program, why not go all the way and consider kid yoga for your whole family?

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